WWⅡ Veterans

Recently, I went to the airport, for a couple hours, with friends & family, (& about 300 othepatriotic people), to honor our veterans. These vets fought & died protecting others & our country. Sadly, America is becoming the very thing they were fighting against. We (as a country, nation & people) are  in dire need; we've nearly lost what was once held dear. We have strayed so far from Christianity, & are becoming a sick people, who have been benumbed to the twisted  ways of the world. We need to stand fast, grounded faithfully in our believes, defying the world, as we endeavor to share Life & the Gospel. Our World War survivors are becoming fewer & fewer. My great-grandfather fought in the war; he passed away at the age of 84, when I was 12. On a lighter note; this night was a special occasion. Accompanied by a volunteer or nurse, 81 veterans were flown on an honors flight, paid by the government, to Washington D.C for a four day trip. They got to see the memorials, & receive honor long due. The decorated veterans were all in their 80s or 90s. The looks on all their faces were priceless, as the crowd went wild, & the band started playing. I felt very patriotic & glad that I went to wave my little flag & cheer for these courageous men & women, as they descended on the escalator.   

 84 & in uniform, he walked down, shaking other's hands.
We need to remember these brave people, a hard working generation nearly gone. It takes a lot of courage to grow old. (Or as my late pappaw said; it ain't for sissies.) It takes courage to fight in a war, where decisions you make could be the death of yourself or someone else. They had a rough life, living through a war & the Great Depression. But they had their priorities straight.  At this moment, there are thousands of our soldiers stationed overseas. And there are thousands of veterans, living here in the country. While we need to always remember & honor these amazing people, we also need to remember that they fight for the external. As Christians, we need to fight for the internal, where it truly maters. We are internally waging in a holy war every day. Take heart! The Son of God goes forth to war with us. In Christ & through Christ, we are HIS saints, a glorious band, fighting for everlasting life. Though at times, the odds may seem set against us, we always need to remember that Christ is triumphant & has defeated sin, & has conquered the grave. Christ, who is living & reining, fought, & died, for our salvation! We are alive because of the Lord's mercies & loving grace. We all need to be courageous, fight with our whole hearts, all our being, & do everything to the best of our ability for HIM.                                                                

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