Dirt Under My Nails

My garden is small, but there's a lot in it— 
carrots, chives, tomatoesegg plantssweet corn, green peppers,
pumpkinsgourds, cucumbers, bush beans, squash, zucchinis
sugar snaps, lettuce, onions, weeds & lots of rocks…. 

Gardening. The sound of the swollen river in the distance. 
 Birds chirping contentedly. No phone. Cowboy hat. Warm sunshine. 
Dry breeze. Hum of busy bees. Abundance of life. Ice water.
Hard work. Just me & the plants. I love the outdoors.

Planting, weeding & harvesting. Get out & do it, tend to your garden, whether it's big or small! It's the best kind of work, for one & all! It takes patience & effort, but accomplishes much. It's totally worth it—to have the satisfaction of knowing that your produce is organic & fresh. It's somethin' anyone can do, to promote your health, fitness & beautify a small patch of earth. I grew carrots for the first time, they did really well. I've always had some form of a garden, some years it's bigger then others. Just depends. I enjoy working outside, under the sun. Being physically tired after a day's work is quite satisfying. What's growin' in your garden? 


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