Hiking in the Mountains

  Line Lake is on top of the Beartooth Rocky Mountain range,
perched on the edge of a big precipice. (elevation 10,000 ft.)
Brightening up the earth's carpet— 
Were small & hardy flowers blooming on the spongy tundra.  
  The air was cool, views were breathtaking.
The guys built a fire. It felt wonderful. All 10 of us ended up
huddling around it. We ate lunch & fellowshipped.

It snowed & rained on us for the entire hike out. Very cold.  
*To compare size, that's a fishing rod & reel.
It was a fun memorable adventure. Even if the weather was crummy for part of the trip, I greatly enjoyed it. It's all about the people you are with anyways. There was still a good bit of snow up there. While hiking, we had to cross over a couple snowmelt creeks & trek across a huge snow-packed bank on the side of a very steep hill. I'm so thankful that the Lord kept us safe while we were out there. On the hike out, a few of us got ahead of the main group. Through the wind & sleet, I saw two grey wolves! One slipped over the hilltop quickly, & the other lingered a moment, watching us. The wolf was really big, & about 200 yards away.  

But unfortunately, my hands were so cold & numb, that I couldn't get to my camera in time. (It was actually quite alarming, by the time we reached the vehicles, I couldn't even open the car door with the key, my hands were so unresponsive. If you ever go out hiking, even in the middle of June, dress for {completely unpredictable} weather!!) We found lots of large wolf paw prints following our trail, in the snow. (That was kinda eerie, thinking the wolves had just been where we were.) *My cousin took the pic above with his phone—


  1. looks like it is an amazing place..

    1. Thank you! It truly is wild & beautiful. :)

  2. I thank God for reminding us how much He still loves us, by giving us a little bit of heaven here on earth.

    1. Gak! I'm so sorry whoever you are — I just now saw this comment! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog and look. Yes, indeed - I'm truly thankful for the beautiful creation. I love hiking and discovering new places. A little bit of heaven is a good description. :) It's so beautiful in the mountains!!