wow. it's been another year. where has time gone? i can't believe it. one sec it was summer, then suddenly there was snow on everything! this past year has been amazing, a real roller coaster - with big ups & downs. highs & lows. some hard & crazy & wonderful-good stuff has happened. God is good, so so good. my family is a huge blessing to me. i love them. in this past year i've explored, done lots of fun stuff & gone on some grand adventures in the mountains. i've grown, learned much & continued to matured. (still have lots to learn!) i'm one blessed girl. this year, my only resolution is: to simply seek Jesus more then ever. i need Him so much. so so so much. 

i need to trust in Him. 
i need to listen, love, & obey Him. 
i need His grace & peace

also! peace is not the absence of trouble, its the presence of Christ in your life in the midst of whatever is happening. think about that! life can be hard, crazy, exciting, turbulent - but with Jesus, by Jesus, because of Jesus, i'll get through it… you'll get through it too, if you submit your life & plans into His hands. He sees the depths of my heart, your heart, & He loves me the same. He's called me to be His child. i'm exactly where & who He wants me to be. i'm just gonna keep plugging along, slowly, surly, as i can. trusting in Him. 

looking back to this time last year - & who i was - i feel like a totally different person. God's been busy working in my life; i'm excited to see what this new year holds!

here's to forever seeking His face, His word, His light - & pressing onwards up the winding road, keeping my heart & mind open to seeing His beauty, wherever it might be found. 

hope you have a truly incredible 2016 -