Salt & Light

Whatever we do, it needs to be done with more than just external practice. How do we relate to the world? We need to look at all things with eternity in view. How does the world look at us? Does it see children of God, that standing brightly amongst the rest of the world? We are not of this world, but we are in it. (I am not my own.) I have been adopted, by the grace & mercies of the Lord, into the Kingdom of Christ. The world can't stand what it can't own. We shouldn't derive our views & standards through the eyes of the world. As Christians, we need to know where we stand, & how to 'separate' ourselves from the world. We need to have a deep faith, know how to organize our lives— everything we do is meant to glorify God. 

We shouldn't remove ourselves from the world, 
we should live out our lives & 
take back the world & transform it! 

Like a garden; we root out the weeds, to bring order & beauty. We need to root ourselves in time & space. The same truths tie us to all Christians, who have come & gone before us. We shouldn't want or need the world's approval in our life's journey. We are alive because of Christ. We need to stand strong; established in the Word. We cannot leave anything out, or it becomes watered down & inefficient. There is an overall redemptive plan. We are all His people. When we are truly focussed on Christ, we can better discern the truth. We need to take a deeper look into our own lives. The further down the self-centered road we travel, the more lost & confused we become. We need to look deeply into our hearts; are we accommodating ourselves to the world? Why do we do, what we do? We are called not to hate the world, but to live out our lives unashamed, living dangerously, & boldly proclaiming the Gospel.  

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