Teaching art: Drawing Fabric

Today in art class students got their hands dirty! We were working with willow charcoal & drawing fabric. I brought in sheets, silks, stripy & patterned fabrics, & soft & fuzzy blankets - so that students could see how the light reflected off of each different texture. It was a fun lesson —

- I ran a string across part of the room, & hung the fabrics over the string (like a clothesline). I turned off the lights in the room, & used natural light. (The classroom has an entire wall of windows, so there was plenty of light for us.) Using natural light, that sparked conversation of how important it is to always try and use natural light, or at least work from one main light source - when drawing from natural light, you have a 2hr time span before the earth has rotated so much that the light is completely different then when you started.

I also talked about color - how light is essentially color. The light reflecting off of the fabrics, the colors of the fabrics, etc. If you want to read more on color please go here.

Students endeavors — they all  did really good jobs! This is a mixtures of 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th graders work.