-Cool song

This is a groovy song. Big fan of this artist Piers Faccini - The album My Wilderness is rad.


Cape Coral & Sanibel Island (photo overload)

Pelicans in the Ding Darling National Reserve at Sanibel. 
Three weeks of the beach.
Amazing friends. 
The Kisers.
 The Sprouls. 
Hot weather. 
Late nights in the hot tub. 
Swimming in the pool. 
Running miles barefoot on the sand
Eating chips & watching movies in bed.  
Walking miles with friends.  
Beach house.  
Laughing nonstop for an hour. 
Settlers of Catan. 
Watercolor painting.  
Frozen yogurt
Finding aquatic life.  
Long bike rides.  
Taking photos. 
Playing poker. 
Good music. 
Recalling old times. 
The sound of crashing waves.  
Grilled Scallops.  
Two thousand four hundred miles from home. 
Looking over the horizon. 
Tropical plants.  
Loooong bike rides.
Playing Spades.  
Sleeping late.
Talking into the wee hour of the morn. 
Small things. 
Eating fresh seafood. (yum!) 
Outlet shopping. 
Abundance of sunshine. 
Cooking & baking. 
Wind storm & blowing sand.
Seashells found. 
Postcards sent.  
Reading the Bible together.  
Sandy feet.  
Sandy everything.   
 Kabob shrimp.  
Little boys.  
 Bright mornings on the patio.  
Fresh orange juice.
Spanish moss. 
Pictures taken.
The smell of salt in the breeze.  
Airplanes to catch.  
Bags to back. 
Goodbyes to be said.  
Beautiful memories made. 
 Major sunburn. 

Delaney took this with my camera for me. :)   


Some fools.

 I drew these characters in my little Moleskine. 
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge;
    fools despise wisdom and instruction. ~Proverbs 1:7 


Stand Firm

I found this somewhere online - no links to the original source. Really like this poster. 


Twenty-Thirteen: the year of our Lord!

Twenty-Twelve. All in all, t'was a beautiful year. A full year of learning, joy, hard work, sorrows & adventures; all creating beautiful memories, that I shall hold on to through the coming years. I'm so thankful for the grace of God in my life. I'm thankful for family. For life. For friends. Chocolate. Snow. Cats. Books. F'real smoothies. For everything God has created & so abundantly blessed us with! God is so good, merciful & gracious. It's overwhelming. I'm continually struck by awe, with each coming day, by His love & grace for us; for me & my sinful wretchedness. I'm so excited to see what He has in store for us this new year, while working all things for His glory!
Resolve to keep the wonder.

A wondrous year has come and gone. 
Singing 'round a bonfire,
Well spent with our fellow man,
God has given us a faith that will prevail,
In the Infinite over-all plan;
He has given us a future bright— 
A faith in Eternal justice,
A faith in the love of God.

A beautiful year has come and gone.
Adventures well made,
Lord keep us all from strife;
Grant strength for the winding miles ahead,
Prepare us for the journeys of life,
Give us a faith to sustain, but above all, Lord, 
Give us a faith that shines— 
A faith in the love of God. 

A blessed year has come and gone. 
All things provided, 
Happiness and sadness in turn as we go;
We never know what's around the bend,
The Master Planner planned it so— 
Lord keep us safe till our day's end, 
Give us lasting faith in the love of God, 
Our King Eternal, 
Have a blessed 2013!