Skiing at Big Sky, Montana

Me:…ok, I really should get to bed.  It's getting late. I've gotta get up early tomorrow.
brain: Nah, too excited to sleep. Pfttt. Who needs sleep anyways? Can't wait to ski.
brain: Let's reorganize the dresser, bake cookies, draw, paint your nails, & braid your hair.
Me: I'm exhausted. Need sleep. *finishes organizing, drawing, baking, painting & braiding*
brain: No way, we don't need sleep!
Me: I've been getting nothing done. I'm just sitting on a heaping pile of clothes in a chair.
brain: worries about clothes & food & stuff.
Me: This needs to stop. *climbs in bed, lights out*
brain: wait, did you put those wet clothes in the dryer?
Me: Uuuuggg. *gets out of bed* It's 12am.  I'm only gonna get 4hrs sleep.
brain: who cares? You get to ski.
Me: Your right. I know, that's why I can't sleep. I'm excited! Shut up!
brain: never. mwahaha. *gets back in bed*
Me: My head feels so heavy, lights hurt. I'm getting a migraine. Noooo. ahhhh. finally. *lights out*
brain: starts reflecting on life.

Me: *static sound* zombie eyes* frazzled feelings* headache*
brain: ….. sleep, at last. ahhhhhhh. I actually wanted this from the start, just couldn't admit to it!
Me: I know, brain. Let's sleep. Zzzzzz.
alarm: beep! beep!! Beep!! BEEP! BBEEEEEPPP!!!

My bloodshot eyes opened. The day started at 4:15am,  I excitedly jumped out of bed, got dressed hurriedly, grabbed my gear, (2 pairs of skis, helmet, poles, boots, & backpack), hopped in the car, literally sped down the interstate, met up with a friend, (I stopped at the gas station & bought $15 worth of cliff bars, kind bars, & those waxy chocolate doughnuts that come in a big white bag. Breakfast & lunch. Check.) & drove 3hrs to Big Sky Montana. Got there just after 8am. The stoked was high, the skies were blue, air was nippy, but not too cold, & the mountains were calling.

Here's some pictures from my day at Big Ski Resort. "The biggest skiing in America" Despite only getting 4 (or less) hours of sleep the night before - I had an amazing day skiing at Big Sky! I was blown away by the size of the ski resort - the beauty of the mountain … So thankful for the gift of traveling & skiing & good health & eyes to see this beautiful world with. I had a rad day!

Lone Mountain. 
There's something so incredibly awesome about being on a mountain. I feel like so many people don't know what they are missing out on if they don't ski or like the cold. I love the cold, the snow, the colors  of winter - the sheer size of the snow covered mountains - the breathtaking views… Being on the mountain puts things into perspective, makes my problems seem small, helps me think. Wither its skiing down mountains in the winter, or hiking up them in the summer — I will never lose my sense of wonder. Creation is so amazing - I'm super thankful for being able to ski as much as I do, thankful for good health, thankful for where I live - this rugged & beautiful country - thankful for friends to hang with…. Thankful for all the snow. God is so good. He has blessed me beyond measure. 

Skiing is a mode of living in the moment: heart pounding, legs burning, lungs gulping down pine scented air. Flying down the mountain, with a vast expanse of earth stretched out below, you become one with your equipment. Skis are like wings on my feet. :) 
View from Lone Peak Tram. Gettin' high. Elevation 11,166'
See the blue line? That's the rout we took down the mountain. Gullies 3 and 1 to the Bowl. 
This is me skiing down Gullies 3 & 1. Pretty extreme steep skiing, on heavy spring snow. This is actually a lot steeper then it looks. No room for mistakes on these off piste chutes. You fall you basically die, because its about 1,000ft down. These rad photos are by Jade Flanagan. Jade managed snowboard down the mountain, & take some pictures, & not fall or die. Bravo! I took a couple pics, but holding ski poles, taking off my glove, while trying to keep an edge proved to be too challenging for me

Had a blast skiing at Big Sky! Never stop exploring His earth. Chase Winter. Stay rad. Keep the wonder. 



Winter Carnival 2015

Red Lodge Mountain knows how to throw a good party! This year's Winter Carnival was a blast!

I skied like usual on Saturday - I skied hard all day long… Skied with friends, found stashes of untouched pow back in the beautiful Headwaters, basked on the lift in the sun, enjoyed the calm air… It was a really nice day. It was super busy - there were (I'm totally guessing) about 3,500+ people at the mountain. But the nice thing about RLM is that even though it's a smaller mountain, its big enough for everyone to spread out - I skied a ton of double-black, & single black runs - & usually had the entire run to myself! The snow was really good, fresh & powdery. Sunny skies & warm temps.
Last chair up Grizzly Peak. (elevation 9,416')
This was at about 7pm. See the sunset's afterglow lingering in the west along the horizon. 
Torches lit! Ready to descend! This was the COOLEST thing ever. About 100 people skied in the dark, down the mountain on ungroomed runs. Onlookers below got a show of glowing torches winding down the mountainside. As we (the torch holders) made it to the base of the mountain, there was a FANTASTIC fireworks show! So much stinkin' fun! 

Be sure to check out this video below - a friend made it; capturing parts of the Rail Jam, & the Torchlight Parade down the mountain. Enjoy! 
Look for the Winter Carnival in 2016! It's a lot of fun, a party ya don't wanna miss! Ski hard, have fun, & never stop exploring! See you on the mountain!