Hey guys! Check out this song. My brother is a composer. Last year, he wrote cinematic score for the award winning documentary called Crying Wolf. Thomas has done work for various short trailers, including the promotional trailer for a film called Axed The End of Green. Take a look at the other songs on his SoundCloud page too. :)


Genius, the movie

Hey guys - If ya haven't seen this, make the time right now. 
It's a really interesting & very convicting 34 minute documentary. Watch it. :)  


What's for lunch?

From Haystack Mountain, it can be found at select Natural Grocer stores. My favorite kind of cheese in particular is called Bolder Chѐvre. Haystack Mountain is located in Colorado; its farm fresh & all natural.

It's crumbly, moist, & slightly bitter, but mild at the same time. This cheese adds an elegant note to a cheese palate, especially when paired with fresh or dried fruit. I eat mine crumbled on top of salads & pasta, or on burgers & sandwiches. I think it would taste good with a crisp white or sparkling wine.  But my favorite way to eat the cheese in on a piece of rich multi grain bread toasted with strawberries. Mmm..