Hot Laps in November

"What good is the warmth of summer,
without the cold of winter to give it its sweetness.
" ~John Steinbeck

The first day of the 14-15 ski season has arrived! Waahooo! Its felt like winter for quite sometime, with snowstorms, icy roads, & sub zero temps - but now it truly feels like winter - because the lifts have started turning! Winter is the best! I am SO excited for ski season to finally be here & STOKED to be back on the mountain! Good people, good mountain vibes - fun snowy days - got my November shred in! (I skied 8 out of 12 months this year, was trying to get all 12 months in, but due to traveling it didn't work. Oh well, always next year, right?)

The snow is sparse this season (as of November 28th, the 1st day open; only lower mountain lifts are operating), & the weather forecast is not looking promising - EVERYONE: Pray for snow, okay?!! But, snow or not, I still love going up to the mountain & skiing. Early season is fun; you ski because you've been counting down the weeks, days, & hours till the season starts - Oh, & don't forget how you've been checking weather reports every chance you get, hoping for a snowy forecast. You ski when conditions aren't the greatest, because you love the sport. You ski to say you ski. You ski to hang out with friends & catch up how everyone's summers went. You ski to earn that drink at the end of the day. ;)

(To all of my rad snowboarding friends, you are okay too, I guess. hehe.) Early season skiing is like the hot laps of a nascar race - Everyone's stoke is getting built up, we're all getting ready, toned, & super excited. We can ski the off piste in the trees where there might be pow hiding. We can find bumps & give them a try. We can enjoy the sunshine & fresh air. We can work on improving our ski technique. Take a ski class or two - who's ready for Town Series?! Mostly, I'm just glad to be back on the mountain & have skis on my feet!

See ya on the mountain, & here's to a hopefully snowy season! Cheers!