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I'm a total music junkie. I *always* have music playing. When driving I keep my windows down & the radio blaring, or I have my iPod streaming out the cars' speakers. I've got massive iTunes library, & listen to Pandora a lot too. Also have lots of cds. I play music when I'm cooking, painting, cleaning, working in the garden, running, etc.! (You get the picture.) I love music. It adds so much spice to life, & so often captures a feeling or mood much better then you could express it. When I'm depressed there's music, when I'm happy there's music. When I feel inspired, there's music to keep me going. I often get in musical ruts. I'll have my own secret "theme song" for a month or couple weeks. I get stuck on songs & play them over & over… But hey, if ya like what you hear, why not?

Do you ever turn the volume up louder & louder 'til you reach that perfect level of "ahhh yes, I cannot hear anything else" 

 I have very peevish & particular tastes in music. I won't go into that now, but I will say that I don't like country or bluegrass music. Especially bluegrass. Got nothing against it, just not my cup of tea.
It's those songs that expressing feelings you can't say.

But music like this (just below) is a style I completely love! It's raw, genuine & thoughtful. I'm currently hooked on Jared & The Mill. They use all the same instruments that a bluegrass band would use, but the instruments are played in a different style. (I'm still completely hooked on BROODS btw - A completely different style & sound from that of Jared & The Mill. ha!) Jared & The Mill is basically like an American "Mumford & Sons". (I like Mumford, but think they are somewhat overrated. haha.)

I'd put J&TM in the folk genre of music. But I normally like listening to indie rock, alternative, electronica & singer/songwriter styled music. (think: Ben Howard, Josh Garrells, Washed Out, Ellie Goulding, Active Child, Jose Gonzalez, Band of Horses, Birdy, Beta Radio, Imagine Dragons, Sleeping at Last, Nora Jones, Parov Stelar, Bastille, Florence + the Machine, One Republic, Prinze George - to name a few main stream artists I like.)

Anyways, thanks for reading my rambling thoughts! Give Jared & The Mill a listen! I own their album Western Expansion! Tell me what you think! What kind of music do you like?!

Please note: The song "Breathe Me In" has a coupe salty words in it.. 

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