Rock Climbing -

Recently rock climbing is the latest thing I've gotten into. I have zero experience, but am learning (sorta). I've gone climbing at an indoor facility couple times, & just free-climbed around, having fun but probably making a complete fool of myself, (not that I care). Anyways, this week I finally went outdoor climbing! I really loved it, could totally get addicted - it was as thrilling as it was challenging. I had a blast, (its such good exercise!) I got a few bruises & scrapes, & earned some new stuff; how to tie a couple special knots, how to self-repel - & various rock climbing terminologies. (Belay! Belay! Belay!) I'm a bad judge of distances, but I'd guess by the time I reached the top of the cliff I was around 70(ish) feet high.

I went climbing with one of Beartooth Mountain Guides' guides. Beartooth Mountain Guides Inc. is a guide service & outdoor recreation service school, based in Red Lodge MT, they operate in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. If you are interested in backcountry skiing, ice climbing, mountaineering, rock climbing, backpacking, snowshoeing, etc. check them out! It's a great way to have fun & learn something new!

I would really encourage you (if you're not already) to go outside - try something new. (If ya live near Red Lodge, check out Beartooth Mtn. Guides!) Utilize whats around you. Simply enjoy this beautiful world we live in. Keep the wonder, keep the stoke high.(Enjoy summer while it lasts!) You can always have more work, but you can never have more time. That's something I'm coming to realize, more, & more. Ya gotta make time for what ya love (recreationally speaking, that is). Don't wait for opportunity - create it!

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