Park City Music // Labeled Documentary

Hey guys! Here's a lovely song composed by my brother. Playtime is 6:30 - Give it a listen, open in a new tab and let it play away… It's the kinda of music that fades into the background. Soft, slow and sweepingly expressive. 

The music was composed for an upcoming documentary called Labeled, made by an indie filmmaker. Labeled is a sobering documentary that exposes the shocking reality of how children with genetic disorders are being discriminated against in the medical industry.   

For more information go to https://www.facebook.com/labeledthemovie 

Thomas currently will compose music for about anything. He's done work for various online commercials, and composed the cinematic score for Crying Wolf. Thomas also composed the music of the Kickstarted video for the upcoming documentary BLUE (formerly called Axed). Follow Thomas on Soundcloud to hear more of his music!  

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