Dear August

This is just a whimsical note to say that you have been truly wonderful; I have enjoyed every moment of you immensely. I should really address this post to "Summer" because my summer has been beautiful. However August, since you are my favorite month, I shall leave this addressed to you….

If I were to pick my favorite part of you, or something I did with you, I couldn't… I simply have a favorite feeling; it feels like you, August. I love love love the heat & dryness of summer. Low or zero humidity, temperatures in the 90s. Perfect lazy days, days that where you could do anything. Days spent outside. Days spent beneath the summer sun. 
There's a lot of beauty in the ordinary….

It's the windows down, driving fast & silent back roads with blowing hair feeling. 
It's when I can walk straight outside without pausing to fish out a jacket. 
It is curtains dancing around my room because of the breeze that pushes against the fabric. 
My arm hanging out the window, the air rush through my fingers. 
Closing my eyes with the sun shining bright on my face.
It is reading in the hammock.
Butterflies fluttering through the air. 
Heat waves far on the horizon. 
Picking veggies in the garden.
Kayacking down rivers. 
Dusty bare feet. 
When I smell the flowers before I see them.
Warm breezes & dry heat.
It is sunsets after dessert. 
Running at dusk. 
Soft grass & crickets chirping. 
Riding my bike, chasing the sunset.
The smell of moist dirt in the garden. 
Lawnmowers & the sound of rain beating against the windows. 
The purr of a cat, the river's roar in the distance. 
The nighthawks flying fast & silent. 
The motion of rocking chairs on the front porch.  
When it starts to rain, just as the party is ending. 
Clouds flowing over the face of the stars. 
Pockets of shade & long walks along along the river. 
Sunlight sparkling on deep water. 
Thunder echoing in the mountains. 
Golden wheat fields, rippling like water. 
Late nights spent with friends. 

I don't have a favorite moment, I have a favorite feeling. 

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