A Mountain Chickadee. I love birds!  :) 
Black & white! Cole Creek Quad lift. My favorite! 
My good friend Audrey took this pic for me. :) This jump was huge. Did a 360.  Way fun. 
Had to hike off trail for this one. The snow was 3-4 feet deep! 
Soft morning light, looking up the run. 
The snow came late this season. Early on, lots of trails were closed.

This un's crazy steep. Cold shadows.  
Old wood, new growth. I love the gnarly trees up on the mountain… 
Breathtaking views, from atop Drifter Run. 
Sluice Box. Double Black Diamond.  - my favorite run! :D
This little guy found a seed or something. 
Looking over to the next ridge above the tree line.  Grizzly country. 
On top of Grizzly Peak; a skier's horizon.  Elevation 9,416 feet.
Not all days are bight & clear. Some days are dark & cold… oh so cold.
The Palisades.

The Beartooth Wilderness. 

I love the mountains & snow. I love the challenge of skiing. Doing moguls, jumps, speeding skiing, making trails winding through the trees... The sent of pine, the cold air blowing on my face, it's so peaceful, quite & inspiring up there. 

I've gone a total of skiing like 18 times so far this season. I know I already posted a bunch of ski pictures, but those were taken with my little ipod. These pictures were taken with my nicer camera, the rebel T1i. I'm really not much of a photographer at all, I mainly just love getting out there & taking them. Here are some of my favorite shots from this season…. Still got a couple more weeks of skiing left before it's too warm & the snow starts to soften. Gonna make the most out of it! Skiing is the best! 

Check out www.redlodgemountain.com - It's a wonderful ski resort that has a verity of terrain for all types of skiers - learning or advanced - there's a run for you here! From the magic carpet to the double-black diamond runs - to breathtaking views - to a toasty fire or a glass of Montana-made beer - you'll love it here. Skiing season starts late November and last through early April. Average snowfall is 250". 


  1. Very NICE photos! You look like a great skier!

    1. Awe, thanks so much! I really enjoy skiing - that big jump/airbag thing was a lots of fun. I actually got fussed at the first time I went off, because I was going too fast. I nearly overshot didn't land on it! But thankfully that didn't happen. ;)

  2. Oh my! That would have been terrible! I wish our mountain had one of those bags, It would make it so so so much easier to learn 360's and other tricks... But alas, I have to learn the hard way! :)