It's more then just a sport, it's a passion. The views are breathtaking. It's always exciting being nearly 10,000 feet high, racing solo down the mountain, doing moguls, trying jumps, or even, leisurely making trails through the trees. But for me, there's something more about it... It's not just the fun & the challenge, it's simply being outside, admiring God's creation, taking it all in & getting a view on perspective. I enjoy skiing alone, it's nice to have time to think. There's nothing like an icy wind blowing in your face, or the fresh smell of pine in the air… It's exhilarating. 

Winters here are long, the days are short, dark & cold. The Rockies are tall, majestic & snowcapped all year round. Average snowfall is over 250". I ski at a smaller resort, it has 7 lifts to cover 1,600 acres of ski area on the Custer National Forest & there's a vertical drop of 2,400 feet. This past season  (November—April) I skied with my iPod just over twenty times. I participated in a 6 week giant slalom racing team. Out of 106 racers, I placed 30th. On April 14th, I competed in a 11 ½ triathlon. That was a blast, & an excellent way to finish off the season.... I also went skiing with my dear family & friends some too. That was memorable- skiing, laughing, eating hot food & taking pictures together.                                
  In the mornings everything is always so pristine, frosty, & bright. Good times. 

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