I voted!

America is waiting in suspense. The election count is rolling!

We all need to remember, that whatever the outcome from the election is; is that it won't fix our country. No Republican or Democrat, or whoever is in control of the House or Senate; can fix anything. The only person that can, is our LORD & Savior Jesus Christ, through the men of His choosing. Our country has lived in gross defiance of God, murdering innocent children, openly practicing sodomy, & blatantly saying that God does not exist. He does exist, & He is watching our every move! We need to run back to Christ, & fling ourselves at His feet & pray for mercy; that America would be judged to repentance & not to destruction. All of the economic disfunction & the erosion of national pride & identity in America, is a direct result of living in defiance of God. Right now the polls aren't looking too good. Obama is winning. (The scumbag!) Since we don't have tv, I've been near the computer all evening… waiting, watching, trusting. I do not want Obama to win. But I could not in good conscious vote for Romney. (In my opinion, they are basically the same thing, but I would prefer a Republican to win anytime, over a Democrat.) For many Americans, sadly it was the choice of choosing between two evils: the hypocrite or the heretic. Then for many other Americans, it was simply the matter of choosing between the Elephant & the Donkey. Heehaww.

A donkey dressed in a lion's skin, scaring all the other animals away. Drawing by Thomas Nast
"It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God & the Bible."
 ~George Washington  (I like this quote. It is so true!)

When Obama got elected in 2008, I was only 16 years old. So, this was my first presidential vote. First of all, I am not a very politically inclined person, but I enjoy following along in my own little way. I voted Ron Paul for president, because I know that there isn't that much difference between most GOP candidates & Democratic candidates, especially in this election. I'm a Christian & 100% pro-life. I strongly believe in upholding & the pursuing the Constitution. I believe that following the Constitution; something rooted in Judeo-Christian ethics, is the only way to get America out of the woods & back on the right path. We can't take what we've had for the past 4 years much longer. Ron Paul is good, consistent & he's an honorable man. And he took on the Federal Reserve, MSM, Military Industrial Complex, Federal Government, pro-American foreign policy & the GOP! So I voted for him, even though I know he doesn't have a chance, in fact, there never was one. But he was the only person that I could vote for. Here's to the next 4 years, no matter the outcome of the election: May God have mercy on us all. 

And here is a short youtube vid, please take the time to watch it. 

Soli Deo gloria-

"There comes a time when nations fall. When nations flee from the God they loved. Once trusted and feared, once served and sought. There comes a time when men become weak. They falter they fail, they stumble, they fall. The time is now, the nation is us. Yet the path to freedom and life, lies open before us, unchanging forever. Let us rise from the ashes, and return to the guide by which we must live... Our King reigns over all His creation. His words never change. His commands are ever pure. Let us seek His face and fear His name… For now is the time to return." ~From the vid above^


  1. Great post. Good men are hard to find. Ron Paul is not perfect, but he certainly has honesty and integrity. He is a man who is proud of his faith, though not one to push people away by bludgeoning people on the head with it (although perhaps sometimes even that is needed for such a stubborn and ungodly nation). As far as pro-life goes, none of the three choices on the Montana ballot was. If Gary Johnson had been I might have considered him, although there is plenty of fault to be found in other areas. It is late!

    1. Well, this was a super delayed response. Nonetheless, thank you for commenting Hank!