Original Poem

Feelings Unforgotten—  

Silently he sits, and waits with tired eyes,

    With cross'ed arms, he rises and sighs— 
His love is gone, and so is the night;
    Lonesome in want, lost in morns' pale light.

Eternally asleep, love unknown,
    His feelings for her, he wished' shown— 
Eyes darkened evermore, blind to all wrong;
    Forgotten moments, he sees' in memory strong.

Silent and cold, the day begun;
    Feelings unchangeable, ne'er to be undone— 
Sorrows unrest him, tho' few know;  
    Lone in splendor, she was whiter then snow.

Elixir of life, for her he wanted,
    Heart stopped abruptly, paths forever parted—
Summer now gone, winter draws-nigh; 
    Reflections distant, he whispers goodbye.

She sleeps softly, whist' he weeps,

    Underneath' silver trees, her love he seeks— 
Rest awhile, blessings be upon her;
    His heart steadfast, love ne'er demur.

Her dreams forgotten, by all 'save him, 
   His hopes now shattered, everything dim— 
Seasons go by, yet he stands lone; 
    Snow covers earth, heart's voice bemoan.

Okay, so this is a poem  I wrote. I know it's sappy, but oh well. I wrote it a while ago, after watching a movie on John Keats. It was a sad movie. Writing poetry doesn't come super naturally to me, I have to take time & think about getting the rhymes & wording things just so. But I enjoy it greatly. -GB

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