pickin' veggies

This evening I picked 10lbs of green beans, a large spaghetti squash, 
HOT salsa peppers, sweet corn & a couple large zucchinis. 
Okay, so I had a little fun  editing this picture.  :)
These dry & dusty summer months have flown by too quickly! Oh dear, where has time gone? Can you believe it's September? My summer was filled with spice, adventure, family & friends. A beautiful summer haze, with memories that are golden… 

I planted a garden, but it sadly got neglected. As morning-glory infested as it is, I've gotten, (& am still getting), lots of produce from it. It's been such a blessing. Take the beans for instance: Ordered from Burpee Organics, a pack of bush bean seeds cost $3.95. That pack of seeds (with a little TLC, water, sunshine & hard work), so far has yielded 25lbs of plump & tasty beans!
 Here's my favorite homemade recipe for cookin' green beans:
Crunchy Vinegar Green Beans & Bacon

■ A heaping pan full of washed & snapped green beans
■ One pack bacon; fried flat & crispy, chopped into large pieces
■ One medium red onion; thinly sliced, slightly sautéed in butter 
■ Apple cider vinegar 
■ Sugar, salt, pepper 

Set aside cooked bacon & sautéed onion. 
Add a little water to beans, cook until just tinder, or still slightly chewy, with lid on pan, stirring occasionally. Cooked al dente is best! 

Once the beans are tinder, add enough apple cider vinegar to cover the bottom of saucepan. Simmer on low for a bit, adding more vinegar if desired. Cook by smell. You want it to smell strong. 

Then add salt/pepper to taste & sprinkle sugar over beans. (Be generous with the sugar!) Lastly add sautéed onion slices & stir in bacon pieces, just before serving. Enjoy! 

It's the best way to eat green beans in my opinion. If by chance you try it, leave a comment for me to see! I'd love to hear from you!!  

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