Southern Sayins'

I grew up in the heart of the Appalachian (a-puh-LATCH-uhn) Mountains. (So yes, I'm a hillbilly at heart.) Here are things I'll always remember Southerners saying.  

In the summer, whenever company would come, we'd sit on the porch fellowshipping, drinkin' sweet tea & eatin' ice-cream. When the sun started to set, & they turned to leave, we'd always say—  
"Y'all come back now- ya hear?

"I declare!" & "Wull, I never!were said often as an exclamation or, when there is just plain nothin' to say. It was always said with a looong southern draw. 

This translates into stubbornness: "He could argue with a fence post.
"Right quick" means it'll be a moment. 
"Dead as a door nail" There ain't nothin' deader then a door nail. 
Frequently used as a self-denigratory Aw, shucks

Betchya don't know what a "Sundog" is. It's a little rainbow that appears to float in the sky. And are best seen when the sun is low. 

Planning on doing somethin'? They'd say "I'm fixin' ta—"
"Wull, I swore!" was often used as an exclamation. 

Honey, babydoll, darlin’, sugah, sweetie… Always said with a sentence, usually accompanied by "Bless yer heart".

"Ifn' he ain't — " meaning, if he weren't plannin' on it. 
When they can’t find somethin' in front of their face, & suddenly do, ya tell 'em— 
                                   “If it bin a snake, it’d a bit ya.” 
…Oh, and did ya know you can hear corn growing? On a hot summer's night, go stand by a large corn field & listen….. 


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