Observations made during ski season:

● Your hair never looks good on the weekends.
● The highway snow-plowers don't plow the road I live on.
● No friends on a powder day.
● Ski socks are a fashion statement.
● It's only cold if you are standing still - ski hard all day long.
● I don't always make a fool of myself, but when I do, it's under the chair lift.
● Always look one gate ahead of where you are, keep your upper body pointed downhill.
● All the good songs play while you are on the lift.
● Duct Tape can "fix" just about anything, but won't look very good.
● All my friends think I'm crazy because I spend all my free time outside in the cold.
● Hand warmers are like the most awesome thing ever.
● Getting sunburn while skiing is worse then burning in the summer.
● Double black diamonds are a girl's best friend.
● Snowboarders aren't cool when they're sitting on their bums in the middle of the run.
● My knees will be like those of a 80 year olds by the time I'm 30.
● Stairs & ski boots don't go together.
● The Thermos is an amazing invention. Keep it hot. Keep it cold.
● A simple hello can lead to a thousand things.

Ages 10 &  9 - my little brother & his friends were my skiing buddies for the day.

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