Locked Doors, Car Chases, Bad Roads….

My excitement for the day started when I bundled up and drove into town this morning. It's been snowing for the past 24 hrs and theres a good 8-12 inches of snow, but it's hard to tell exactly how much there is, because it's drifted very deep in places. 

I went into town to teach some of my art students, then afterwards I almost went to Walmart, but didn't at the last moment. What I needed could wait. There had been a car wreck just down the road from Walmart, and a police car and ambulance passed me, enroute to the accident. Just after I decide not to go to Walmart, after I was about a 1/2 mile down the road from the store, 3 more police cars whizzed by - nearly forcing me off the snow-covered road - and they turned into the Walmart parking lot, instead of going to the wreck.  

I proceeded slowly on my way to the postoffice, where I had three packages to mail. I hopped out of the car, grabbed the packages, credit card and my id - but accidentally dropped my car keys on the carseat as I was getting out of the car. I didn't realize it until I was locked out, standing in the cold and snow. :( 

Normally I have a spare key, hidden somewhere under the car, but somewhere along the road it had fallen off - because I could not find it… No telling where it is. I blame the insane amount of snow we have. The roads are icy & covered in deep snow.

I went back into the post office to borrow their phone, to call my mom, so she could call the locksmith/police department —  that was like 5 blocks down the road from where I was stranded. 

My mom is a saint. She was able to call the locksmith, call my dad, & call me back with instructions… 

It took the locksmith about 30 min to get to me (which was ridiculous, I could have ran there in back 5 minutes) - and once she was there, she had the car unlocked in about 27 seconds (I know, because I counted!) and $75 dollars later. (Rip off!!!!!) 

….While I was waiting at the postoffice about 10 police cars flew by on the main road of our little town - sirens blaring, lights flashing, tires flinging snow into the air! Then another ambulance went by too. Then a couple moments later, 2 or 3 police cars when by, going the opposite direction, then like 2 more came, going the direction the main bunch was headed. 

Then a few moments later, a regular truck flew by - probably going 60mph, on really bad roads -  in a 25mph zone. It sped through the stop signs, nearly causing 2 crashes! Then it slid around the corner and was out of sight. 

Then ALL the police cars came whizzing by - in hot pursuit of the speeding truck. And a huge S.W.A.T (or black batman-ish) looking-police-force vehicle drove by too. 

As it turns out, the driver of the speeding truck was a fugitive - that and been involved in an incident on Saturday, and had evaded arrest by stealing a car Saturday night and escaping.  (today is Monday, btw.)

There were originally two suspects Saturday, and they were spotted in the Walmart parking lot today - (at about the time I was thinking of going there!)  In the parking lot they open fired at an officer - thankfully no one was hurt. One of the guys was arrested there, the other man escaped -  and eluded capture after leading officers on a chase in the stolen pickup truck that reached speeds up to 85 mph in and around the downtown area. 

The man led police on a chase for about 30 minutes before the truck he was driving spun off the road. He was then placed into an ambulance and taken away. 

When I locked myself out of the car, I was realllllly annoyed and mad at myself. I'd never done that before! I was mad because it was a stupid thing to do, and it cost me more then I would've liked. But now, looking back, I'm actually really thankful I was locked out of my car  -  because I would have been driving home on the same road they crazy idiot took when running from the police. He was speeding so fast, and with as many cars as he forced off the road and drove by, it's really a miracle he didn't kill anyone. 

God works in strange and wondrous ways! Just thinking about when I for no real reason, decided not to go to Walmart, there was a shooting! It's really interesting to think about - all the times He's protected us when we don't even know it. He's always there, looking out for us. Sometimes He allows bad things to happen, but He always has a good reason for letting it happen. He is always sanctifying us and teaching us through the good and bad. He is always working things to bring glory to His name. 

The End. :0 

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