{ photos of autumn }

I love taking pictures… Now,  I'm totally not a "photographer" its just one of my hobbies…. I think photography is so much more then just 'taking pictures' - it's a way to preserve, remember, & capture tiny moments that can never be recreated. ever. What you capture on camera is captured forever.  Photos help us remember little things, long after we have forgotten the details. They are memory keepers. Photography is a way of seeing & discovering… It's a way of exploring the details in the world around you. Its perspective, its creative, & sometimes its hard work. I think that's why I like it so much…  Here's some favorite pics from this fall…

Pumpkin vine. 

Profile & flower. 

The water sings. 
The leaves fall.

Tender hands.

Catching the days last light; the warm smile of the sun slipping below the horizon.

Under the water — 
Our black lab, leaping into the cold river to fetch a decoy. 

An Eastern Racer snake. 

   I love the abstract shapes the water creates.

My little brother rescued a caterpillar from a would-be watery demise. 

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