Drawing: A realization & inspiration to do more

ART - It's everywhere, isn't it?! Some art is good, some is bad. I think good art is a work that truly captures what excites people, a drawing or painting that holds memory, an adventure! I saw this poster & had to share it. You can never sketch enough. Draw everything & keep your curiosity fresh. Ya never know when inspiration will strike you! Sometimes I'll be driving & have had to pull off the road to do a quick sketch, or take a photo to reference later. Seek out beautiful places. I almost always have my handy-dandy moleskine journal with a few pencils, eraser & ink pen buried somewhere in the depths of my pocketbook. We all should draw (& paint) more often. I sure know I need to! Make time for yourself. We need to see the beautiful creation God has made for us. Sketching is fun, & exciting. It's a way to truly capture a moment, an experience that can't be repeated. It creates something special. A little memory that will last. 

  • When you draw something you spend more time looking at the raw beauty of the object. 
  • Open your eyes!
  • Observe the small things. 
  • Create a journal with your drawings that says "Been there, drawn that!"
  • A sketch captures a moment, an experience that can never be repeated. 
  • In taking the time to see, look & create (instead of taking a photograph) a sketch has the ability to bring back stronger memories. 
  • A good sketch has the ability to elevate even the least picturesque location into something worth looking at & reflection upon. 
  • Draw what you see & not what you think you see! 
  • Drawings tell stories of our surroundings, where we travel & where we live. 
  • Always have direct observation. Get out in the streets, explore your world. 
  • Urban sketching is a raw & pure form of art that requires drawing from life. 
  • Life! It is everywhere, draw it, rather then drawing something from a photograph or imagination. 
  • When sketching your skills will become shaper, you will notice your surroundings with a new appreciation. 
  • Drawing something forces you to really look at it. 
  • Capture relationships! 
  • Drawing a building or place isn't just capturing in on paper, its about getting to know it, to feel it, to make it your own. 
  • There is always movement everywhere. Draw what you want and dismiss the rest. 
  • Be selective. 
  • Be creative. 
  • Think outside the box. 
  • Translate what you see into something that communicates to you & teaches you about yourself & your reasons for creating art. 
  • Draw what you witness firsthand, see what is around you. 
  • Find the beauty in the ordinary. 
  • Don't draw it if it's boring. 
  • Sometimes vagueness of details & usage of lines adds depth to a drawing or painting. 
  • People love to watch you draw, most of the them secretly want to be drawn. 
  • Lightly plan out the entire drawing, before diving in & getting caught up in the details. 
  • Keep it simple.
  • Start shading with the darkest places first. 
  • Dramatize things. 
  • Always date your sketch.
  • And have fun!  

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