wordly wise

We ought to take more time to truly live, more time to really see the small things. 
I found this image on Pinterest, but couldn't find the original source. The words really struck me. Ha! I hope they strike you too. ;) Busy or slow as our lives may be; we should never forget to see the wonder of it all. The endless  blessings that God has given  us. The beauty that  surrounds us.  The  freedom  we have. We need to stop the glorification of busy. Business isn't necessarily productiveness or constructiveness, it  is  an  air,  not a  virtue. Driving our lives  without purpose  & filling  our  time  with "things" that fill our time, isn't good & gets us nowhere really fast. Slow things down. Think about life. Stay home & spend time with your family. Do less. Less can be more. Though we  shouldn't  be lazy or sloth with our lives, that's just as bad as being in a constant state of frenzy! Moderation is key. We should work hard, prioritize, & enjoy the simple blessings of daily life. 

Sometimes we won't know the value of a moment until  it's become a memory. So lets try to seize the time & take every moment captive. Let's make every moment, hour,& day count while we still have the time. 

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