The garden in October

Today, I'm thinking of Fall.
Of all smells. 
The scents dead leaves yield, 
Dry corn stalks, and the farmer's crop,
The golden grasses in the field.
The smoke's smell, too,
Flowing from where a wildfire burns,
The dead, the green, all in its path,
Everything to ash it turns. 

Today I'm thinking of Fall. 
Of all sights.
The sight of loosened leaves as they blow,
Pale sky, high clouds, of summer's end,
The autumn foliage set aglow. 
The frosts' beauty, too,
Settling over earths' fading verdure,
Leaves bronzed, garden gone, all things silent,
Glistering hoarfrost covers all in white splendor.

Today, I'm thinking of Fall.
Of all tastes.
The flavors hot teas yield,
Warm maple custards, and zucchini bread,
The ripened apples freshly peeled.
The pie's flavor, too, 
Orange pumpkins picked and carved, 
The sugar, the cinnamon, all things delicious,
 In the oven everything waits, soon to be served. 

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