40 Days For Life

Starting September 25th-November 3th
Mankind is unique in all of creation because we were made in God's image (Genesis 1:26-27 and 5:1-2). This is true of the entire human race & every member of it without exception, including unborn children. The sanctity that God's image bestows (even after the Fall) on each & every human being, is affirmed by the prohibition on taking human life in Genesis 9:6. This prohibition became reinforced as the sixth commandment states: You shall not murder. (Exodus 20:13). This is the fundamental pro-life position: that every human life, in every stage of life is sacred! Please pray with me, not only during this event, but everyday & always, to save the lives of children the world doesn't want. Please pray with me, that our country's leaders' & abortionist's eyes would be opened & they would truly see what they are doing. Please pray that God would grant us repentance & judge us not to destruction. Please pray & vote prolife!  www.40daysforlife.com 

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