A tip or two

Know your brushes— 
  • Flats - square edge, long bristle
  • Brights - flat, square-edged, long sable
  • Rounds - pointed bristle
  • Rigger - small slender sable
  • Longs - flat, square-edge, long sable
  • Filberts - Flat, oval edge, long fibre 

Remember when painting— 
  • Squint! It makes shapes & colors (light vs. dark) more obvious, without getting caught up in the detail. 
  • Its better to have a confident line in the wrong place, then a wobbly line in the correct place. 
  • Always compare - push the verticals & pull the horizons. 
  • Remember the rule of 3rds.  
  •  Constantly look at your subject! Your brain forgets half of what it saw, by the time your eyes shift back to your canvas.

the fan brush 

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