Currently Spinning —

This is the song I've been hooked on for the past few days, purchased it on iTunes. The song lovely; both the instrumental part & the vocals, that come in about half way through the song….
"You taught me the courage of stars before you left. How light carries on endlessly, even after death. With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite. How rare and beautiful it is to even exist."


Last run of the season —

Today was my last day for the season. It was an amazing snow-filled year for Red Lodge Mountain. I'm sad that the season is nearly over - it ends on the 13th. But I'm really thankful that I was able to ski as much as I did. Skiing made the winter fly by. Can you believe it's April?!

My last day on the mountain was spent skiing all my favorite runs, skiing hard and having fun, taking in the views I've grown so fond of, chatting with lifty workers & the locals that are always skiing. I took lots of pictures, & hung out at the Bierstube after the day was finished.

It was a fun day. This season I skied all the named runs (with the exception of one run called Jones Park, that I kinda forgot all about!) …And got in some really good skiing on the "unnamed" runs that are scattered throughout the mountain. The cliffs off of Boomerang, the Kitchen, trials through the trees above Hellroaring Traverse, shoots off of Upper Limited that go down the Drainage - there was some good unmarked powder hotspots in Palisades too. There were other favorite places, but they shall remain a secret.

I've already bought my season pass for next year, while its on sale. Better get yours. ;)


A SIDE NOTE: If you ski at RLM you had better check out the Turn, Petal & Burn Race. (If you haven't already!) It's an amazingly fun race that is about 12 miles long. A sort of triathlon adventure race, where you ski part way down the mountain, bike the rest of the way down, then run on foot to the finish line. This is the 4th year the race has been held. It was previously called "Grizzly Peak Adventure Race".  I competed solo in the past 3 races; getting 2nd place (in my age group) the first year, 5th place the next year, & 3rd place last year! Here's a link to something I wrote last year, about this race.

I had been planning to race again this year, but I'm going to be out of town… actually overseas, so I'm breaking a three year tradition! You had better go & race in my place. Not only is it an amazing race - it's the last chance to ride the lift up Grizzly Peak - on April 19th!

If you race, let me know how it goes!